Texas Roadhouse Menu With Prices Canada (2022)

Anyone from the Midwestern or Southern part of the United States will probably be familiar with the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain.

While you will find their location almost everywhere nowadays, they have more opened locations in those areas. You may have even had a taste of some of their meals there.

Texas Roadhouse offers various food items ranging from steak, to salads, and other traditional American dishes.

In this post, you will be exposed to the complete menu list and price of Texas Roadhouse restaurant. So before you go to any of their locations around, you want to have an ideal of the items on their menu, and the price range.

While they are famously recognized for their popular dishes – USDA sirloin, prime rib, and ribs, there are other mouth-watering items on Texas Roadhouse menu that you may want to try out.

Below is the complete and current Texas Roadhouse menu list and price 2022.

Texas Roadhouse Menu list with prices

Burgers & Sandwiches

Item Price
All-American Cheeseburger $8.99
Bacon Cheeseburger $9.99
Smokehouse Burger $9.99
Pulled Pork $8.99
BBQ Chicken $8.99
Mushroom Jack Chicken $9.99

Kids & Ranger Meals

Items Price
All-Beef Hot Dog $3.99
Macaroni & Cheese $3.99
Mini-Cheeseburgers $4.79
Jr. Chicken Tenders $4.79
Grilled Chicken $4.79
Lil’ Dillo Steak Bites $4.99
Chicken Critters Basket $6.49
Andy’s Steak $8.49
Ranger Rib Basket $8.99

Sides and Extras

Items Price
Buttered Corn $2.49
Seasoned Rice $2.49
Green Beans  $2.49
Apple Sauce $2.49
Fresh Vegetables $2.49
Cup of Chili $2.99
Sauteed Onions $2.49
Sauteed Mushrooms $2.49
Steak Fries $2.49
Mashed Potatoes $2.49
Baked Potato $2.49
Sweet Potato $2.49

Just for Starters

Items Price
Cactus Bloom $5.99
Fried Pickles $4.99
Rattlesnake Bites $5.99
Tater Skins $6.99
Grilled Shrimp $5.99
Boneless Buffalo Wings $8.99
Cheese Fries $6.99
Killer Ribs $8.99
Texas Red Chili Cup $2.99
Texas Red Chili Bowl $3.99
Combo Appetizer $9.99


Item Price
Grilled Chicken Salad $9.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $9.99
Chicken Critter Salad $9.99
Steakhouse Filet Salad $13.99
House Salad $3.99
Caesar Salad $3.99

Hand-Cut Steaks

Item Size Price
USDA Choice Sirloin 6oz $9.99
USDA Choice Sirloin 8oz $12.49
USDA Choice Sirloin 11oz $15.99
USDA Choice Sirloin 16oz  $19.99
Ft. Worth Ribeye 10oz $15.99
Ft. Worth Ribeye 12oz $17.99
Ft. Worth Ribeye 16oz $20.99
Kansas City Strip 12oz $18.99
Dallas Filet 6oz $17.99
Dallas Filet 8oz $19.99
Filet Medallions $19.99
Bone-In Ribeye 20oz $24.99
Porterhouse T-Bone 23oz $26.99
Road Kill $9.99
Steak Cabob $10.99
Prime Rib 10oz $16.99
Prime Rib 12oz $18.99
Prime Rib 16oz $21.99
Add Shrimp $5.99
Add Ribs $6.99

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

Item Price
Half Slab $13.99
Full Slab $19.99

Texas Size Combos

Items Size Price
Sirloin 6oz with Grilled Shrimp $15.49
Sirloin 6oz with Ribs $16.49
Sirloin 8oz with Grilled Shrimp $17.99
Sirloin 8oz with Ribs $18.99
Ribeye 10oz with Grilled Shrimp $20.99
Ribeye 10oz with Ribs $21.99
Grilled BBQ Chicken with Sirloin 6oz $17.99
Grilled BBQ Chicken with Ribs $16.99
BBQ Roasted Half Chicken with Sirloin 6oz $17.99
BBQ Roasted Half Chicken with Ribs $16.99
Filet  6oz with Grilled Shrimp  $22.99
Filet 6oz with Ribs $23.99

Chicken Specialties

Item Price
Country Fried Chicken $10.99
Grilled BBQ Chicken $9.99
Chicken Critters $9.99
Oven Roasted Half Chicken $10.99
BBQ Roasted Half Chicken $10.99
Smothered Chicken $11.99
Portobello Mushroom Chicken $11.99

Country Dinners

Items Price
Grilled Pork Chops Single $9.99
Grilled Pork Chops Double $13.99
Pulled Pork Dinner $9.99
Country Fried Sirloin $10.99
Beef Tips $11.49
Country Veg Plate $8.99

Dockside Favorites

Item Size Price
Grilled Salmon $14.99
Fried Catfish 3-piece $11.99
Fried Catfish  4-piece $14.99
Grilled Shrimp $14.99


Item Price
Granny’s Apple Classic $5.99
Strawberry Cheesecake $5.99
Big Ol’ Brownie $5.99

Frequently asked questions

Texas Roadhouse have senior discount?

Texas roadhouse customers who are 55 years and older get a discounted senior menu with lower prices on classic dishes. So yes, they do have senior discount.

What Is the Texas Roadhouse $5 Meal Deal?

When you call in you order in advance or you get your food to-go, texas Roadhouse do used to have the $5 boxed lunch meals available. The $5 boxed lunch meals available consist of a main dish and fries and a roll.

What is the best meal at Texas Roadhouse?

To answer the question, Texas Roadhouse is famous for both their USDA Choice Sirloin and Shrimp Combo.  It means both are the best meal you can get there.

If you find yourself in any Texas Roadhouse location, you won’t go wrong by trying out the Sirloin and Shrimp combo.

Is Texas Roadhouse still offering family packs?

Most Texas Roadhouse locations are available for  Curbside To-Go service and Family Value Packs. You can pick up food without leaving your car. You can also place orders online through the Texas Roadhouse app or website using your phone to order these packs.

What are Texas Roadhouse family meals?

The dinners-for-four, family value pack,  include a choice of entree, a large salad, four side dishes, freshly baked rolls, and honey cinnamon butter.

Wrapping up

There is something particular about Texas Roadhouse food chain that impresses me.

I have observed that when most restaurant chain begin to grow as large as this one, they begin to take beeline in preparing some types of dish that has to do with prepackaged or frozen ingredients that are microwaved.

But, Texas Roadhouse is outstandingly different. The chefs there prepare each of the side dishes that they offer from scratch.

The bread that they offer along with meals are freshly baked daily.

Not only is their food from scratch, they also boast of including fresh ingredients for each dish that is served. This is evident in the quality of their salad dressing, croutons and bacon bits.

If you are planning to head to any Texas Roadhouse locations, I hope this post has been able to show you all you need to know about their complete menu list and respective current prices.

*Note that menu list may vary as per locations in your state, so you can as well check the Texas Roadhouse website or mobile app to be sure of the current price of your state.

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