McDonald’s Menu Prices Canada (2022)

The McDonald’s menu prices feature everything from breakfast menu items, burgers, and more! The McDonald’s menu prices list popular favorites including the Big Mac and World Famous Fries. The full menu at McDonald’s has something to feed your cravings.

From adding more balanced options to the Happy Meal to serving up fresh beef Quarter Pounder burgers that are cooked when you order, McDonald’s is always finding ways to show its commitment to its customers and their food.

All McDonald’s foods containing beef are made with fresh ones. For example, the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Patty is made with 100% fresh beef and cooked right when you order. This meal is hot and deliciously juicy and full of flaws.

The McDonald’s Menu allows you to select your favorite meal from a variety of quality options. The reason for this is not far-fetched, as they are dedicated to improving the way they prepare their quality food and the ingredients that go into it.

This unique variety feature allows you to select from options available for all ages. They include fruit, whole grains, chicken, pork, beef, fish, eggs, potatoes, milk, coffee, etc.

Needless to say, but this post contains all the items on the McDonald’s Menu and their current prices. You should check the prices of your favorite meals before you go shopping for them.

McDonald’s Menu Prices 2022

McDonald’s Burgers Menu

1 Big Mac $5.11
2 Big Mac – Meal $7.67
3 2 Cheeseburgers $2.56
4 2 Cheeseburgers – Meal $6.26
5 Quarter Pounder with Cheese $4.85
6 Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Meal $7.41
7 Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese $6.13
8 Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Meal $8.56
9 Bacon Clubhouse Burger $5.75
10 Bacon Clubhouse Burger – Meal $8.31

McDonald’s Chicken & Sandwiches Menu

1 Buttermilk Crispy Chicken $5.62
2 Buttermilk Crispy Chicken – Meal $8.18
3 Artisan Grilled Chicken $5.62
4 Artisan Grilled Chicken – Meal $8.18
5 Premium McWrap Chicken & Bacon (Grilled or Crispy) $5.62
6 Premium McWrap Chicken & Bacon (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $8.18
7 Premium McWrap Chicken & Ranch (Grilled or Crispy) $5.62
8 Premium McWrap Chicken & Ranch (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $8.18
9 Premium McWrap Sweet Chili Chicken (Grilled or Crispy) $5.62
10 Premium McWrap Sweet Chili Chicken (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $8.18
11 Filet-O-Fish $4.85
12 Filet-O-Fish – Meal $7.41
13 Double Filet-O-Fish $6.13
14 Double Filet-O-Fish – Meal $8.69
15 Premium Chicken Bacon Clubhouse (Grilled or Crispy) $5.75
16 Premium Chicken Bacon Clubhouse (Grilled or Crispy) – Meal $8.31

McDonald’s Nuggets Menu

1 Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) – 10 PC $5.75
2 Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) – Meal 10PC $8.31
3 Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) – 20 PC $6.40
4 Chicken McNuggets (Regular or Spicy) – 40 PC $11.51

McDonald’s Salads Menu

1 Southwest Salad $6.13
2 Bacon Ranch Salad $5.88

McDonald’s Snacks & Sides Menu

1 Donuts Sticks $3.32
2 French Fries – Small $1.78
3 French Fries – Medium $2.29
4 French Fries – Large $2.42
5 Minute Maid Slushie $2.56
6 Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade $2.56
7 Apple Slices $1.28

McDonald’s Desserts & Shakes Menu

1 Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) – Small $2.80
2 Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) – Medium $3.32
3 Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) – Large $3.83
4 Sundae (Hot Fudge or Caramel) $1.65
5 Cone (Vanilla) $1.28
6 Mc Flurry – Snack $2.29
7 Mc Flurry – Regular $3.06

McDonald’s Happy Meals Menu

1 Chicken McNuggets – 4 PC $4.21
2 Hamburger $3.19
3 Cheeseburger $3.57

McDonald’s Oatmeal Menu

1 Fruit & Maple Oatmeal 2.55

$1 $2 $3 Menu

1 Soft Drink – Small $1.28
2 Specialty McCafé® Beverages – Small $2.56

McDonald’s Sauces and Dressings

1 Mighty Hot Sauces
2 Sweet & Sour
3 Hot Mustard
4 Creamy Ranch
5 Mustard
6 Tangy Honey Mustard
7 Spicy Buffalo
8 Hot Picante Salsa 
9 Mild Picante Salsa
10 Ranch
11 Low-Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette
12 Southwest

McDonald’s Limited Time Offers

1 McRib $4.72
2 Holiday Pie $1.14
3 Spicy McChicken $1.28
4 Shamrock Shake – Small $2.80
5 Shamrock Shake – Medium $3.32
6 Shamrock Shake – Large $3.83
7 Lobster Roll
8 Spicy Chicken McNuggets 10PC $5.57
9 Frozen Strawberry Lemonade – Medium $3.32
10 Asian Chicken Salad
11 Angus Chipotle BBQ Burger $12.48
12 Chicken McBites
13 Cherry Berry Chiller – Small $2.16
14 Cherry Berry Chiller – Medium $2.55
15 Cherry Berry Chiller – Large $2.93

Mcdonald late-night menu

The items available after midnight include the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder burgers, Chicken McNuggets, All-Day Breakfast, fries and other sides, sweets and treats like apple pie, Happy Meals, and McCafé beverages.


What is on the $1 menu at McDonald’s?

For $1, you have your choice of a McChicken, a cheeseburger, any size soft drink, or a sausage burrito for $2, two buttermilk crispy tenders, a bacon McDouble, a sausage McGriddle, or a small McCafé and for $3, you can get a sausage McMuffin with egg, a triple cheeseburger or a Happy Meal.

Does Mcdonald’s still have 2 for 5 $?

McDonald’s has been quite inconsistent in providing this amazing 2 for $5 deal in all the locations. However, the deal has made a comeback in 2022 and is still available in various locations in and around the USA.

What is the $3 bundle at Mcdonald’s?

The $3 Bundle allows customers to get any two of the McDouble, medium French fries, or the Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken for $3.

What’s on the menu at McDonald’s in Japan?

These are the McDonald’s foods you can only get in Japan:
  1. Pineapple Pie
  2. Sankaku Choco Pie Black
  3. Cheesecake McFlurry
  4. Chocolate Fries
  5. Mega Muffin
  6. The Full Moon Cheese Tsukimi Burger
  7. German Sausage Chicken Sandwich
  8. Shrimp Filet

What do I need to know about the McCafé Rewards?

McCafé is a subsidiary of McDonald’s with the responsibility of making great-taste coffees, brewed to perfection. However, asides from making and serving high-quality coffees, McCafé also makes some baked foods to accompany it.

There are rewards for ordering items from McCafé. When you buy a minimum of 5 items from McCafé, you get a McCafé drink for free. However, you can only get this reward by placing your order via the McDonald’s app.

What are the General Rewards for using the McDonald’s app?

There are many benefits attached to using the McDonald’s app to make an order. I will be mentioning all of these benefits here.

  • Buy one, Get one for $1. When you purchase one of Big Mac®, Quarter Pounder® with cheese, Filet-O-Fish® or 10 piece Chicken McNuggets®, you will get one of them for $1. This allows you to go for more at a lesser price.
  • Free Fries Friday Feeling. When you make an order worth at least $1 from McDonald’s on a Friday, you get a pack of free fries delivered with your order. You can as well chose to pick up your free fries along with your paid order.
  • $0.99 Any Size Premium Roast Coffee or Iced Coffee. Want it iced or hot? You can get any size of your choice for $0.99.

Note that these rewards apply to customers who make their orders using the McDonald’s app. If you use the website to place your order, you might not be getting any rewards from the company. Also, you have to be a registered user and not just a random one.

What is the variety of Salads available at McDonald’s?

There are only two varieties of Salads at McDonald’s, and they include Southwest Salad and Bacon Ranch Salad. They can both be gotten at $6.13 and $5.88 respectively.

Can I choose a pick-up location in my locality?

Yes, you can. And that’s if there is a McDonald’s outlet at your location. There are numerous branches of McDonald’s, so it’ll be hard not to find one in your locality.

To save yourself the stress of physically finding the stores in your locality, just head on to the McDonald’s website. Try to make an order and you’ll be prompted to select your location to know the branches close to you.

Choose the branch you are most comfortable with and make your order. You will get your package in no time at all.