How Much do Fast Food Workers Make In 2022?

The majority of fast-food employees work indoors in a climate-controlled setting. If the drive-thru is especially crowded, some restaurants may ask fast-food staff to walk outside and collect orders from automobiles.

Furthermore, some fast-food restaurants include an outside dining area where fast food staff accept orders from customers and keep the area clean.

What Do Fast Food Workers Do?

Customer satisfaction is the responsibility of fast food staff in their fast food establishment. They ensure that the customer’s order is received on time and accurately; depending on their establishment and role, a fast-food worker may be educated in food handling before, during, and after preparation.

Fast-food employees follow all safety and sanitary rules and requirements while handling food; they must also give high-quality customer service at all times and keep eating spaces clean.

Fast food staff must input orders properly and operate a cash register if they receive client orders. If they are in charge of food preparation, the fast-food worker ensures that orders are correctly, promptly, and in the correct order.

Fast food worker employment may need a high school diploma or equivalent; nevertheless, persons with no education may be hired. Previous fast food or customer service experience may be necessary or recommended.

It’s practically a cliché to consider fast restaurant employees to be underpaid. The low-wage, burger-flipping adolescent is a common stereotype in almost all forms of narrative, and many will claim that workers in the fast-food sector still face discrimination.

Let’s take a look at some restaurants and how much they pay their writers. In this article, we will be making use of Glassdoor to source our important data.

How much do McDonald’s workers make?

Given that Burger King is one of McDonald’s main competitors, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their salaries aren’t that dissimilar. The average hourly wage for a Burger King cashier is $. On the other hand, shift managers may earn up to $11 per hour, and operations managers can earn up to $67,580 per year – which isn’t a terrible salary by any standard.

Source: Glassdoor (,19.htm)

Burger King was more recently involved in controversial issues due to the National Employment Relations Board’s ruling that one of Burger’s franchisees violated the Law when it used anti-solicitation and anti-loading corporate policies to tackle the wage strikes in the franchise parking lot of employees. According to the judge involved in the judgment, the NLRB has regularly challenged company regulations, which restrict employees from discussing pay.

How much are KFC workers paid?

If a trend appears, stop us here. KFC entrant workers paid $9 an hour on average. Supervisors may spend about 10 dollars an hour, while assistant managers tend to spend an average of 12 dollars an hour.

Some studies even say that restaurant managers average $14 per hour; however, that number stems from a few reports. The overall salary range of McDonald’s and Burger King certainly appears fairly close.

But, albeit inadvertently, KFC has played a unique role in the Fight against low wages. After being persuaded by union activists to join the Fight for $15 movement, Naquasia LeGrand, a KFC employee from Brooklyn, became one of the faces of the movement.

How much are Wendy’s workers paid?

Wendy’s pay appears to be comparable to that of many of its fast-food competitors. Wendy’s employees get an average basic hourly wage of $9. With one employee claiming $283 in extra income over a year.

Shift supervisors appear to be paid $11 per hour on average, shift managers are paid $10 per hour on average, and assistant managers are paid $12 per hour on average. Restaurant general managers, according to reports, get an average annual salary of $56,000.

Given that Wendy’s locations appear to be OK with paying its employees about $9 to $12 per hour, it’s odd that its CEO blamed the company’s dismal sales numbers on income disparity in America in 2018.

How much are Taco Bell employees paid?


Taco Bell pays $9 per hour to its employees. Shift managers make an average of $11 per hour, while assistant managers can make up to $12 per hour and assistant general managers may make up to $13. One Glassdoor contributor claims that one of the benefits of working at Taco Bell is the employee discount, which saves at least 50% on food and beverages.

How much do Chick-fil-A employees earn?

Chick-fil-A employees earn an average of $9 per hour, with a few (but not many) of the site’s users claiming cash bonuses and tips. Across the board, the situation remains consistent. On average, team leaders earn $10 to $11 per hour, shift managers earn approximately $13, and managers earn up to $14 per hour. These, however, are the average earnings of franchised stores across the United States – and some Chick-fil-A shops go even farther.

What do Starbucks employees make?

Starbucks pays its employees an average of $11 per hour at the lowest level, which is very decent compared to what we’ve seen so far, but it’s the bonus cash that pays off for employees. According to the website, employees receive an average of $960 in tips each year, $663 in cash bonuses, and even $403 in stock awards. Furthermore, shift supervisors make about $13 per hour, while shift managers might make $15 per hour.

What does a Chipotle employee earn?

In a divergence from what we’ve seen so far, Chipotle’s average crew member compensation is as high as $10, with workers receiving an average of $301. Service managers at Chipotle earn an impressive $15 per hour on average, while kitchen managers get $12 per hour. In terms of fast food earnings, this is all quite good.

This strategy, unfortunately, backfired badly for them. As of December 2018, Chipotle was facing almost 3,000 arbitration lawsuits, and counting, from their employees, all of whom claimed that the corporation refused to pay them correctly. Chipotle’s attempt to stop these lawsuits was denied by the judge who issued the judgment.

How much do Domino’s workers earn?

With the salaries at Domino’s, there’s a lot to unpack. Nothing appears to be out of the usual at first glance:

According to Glassdoor, their delivery drivers earn an average of $8 per hour. Their assistant managers earn roughly $11 per hour. Their general managers earn approximately $45,058 per year.

Users on Glassdoor claimed to receive cash incentives at Domino’s worth an average of $6,355 each year, while others reported receiving tips worth an average of $6,111. Surprisingly, several users claimed to earn up to $25,000 per year from tips. Consumers are more inclined to tip delivery drivers than cashiers at fast-food restaurants, so that the delivery driver may be a more lucrative profession than the behind-the-counter worker, despite the lower average salary.

How much do Subway workers earn?

Subway has long chosen to call the people who create meals in its restaurants “sandwich artists,” although they appear to earn a bit more money than most genuine painters.

Subway’s typical basic salary is $9 per hour, according to Glassdoor, with store managers earning an average of $12 per hour and shift leaders and assistant managers earning approximately $10 per hour.

However, the main distinction between this firm and the others we’ve looked at so far is that Glassdoor users have reported significantly increased compensation for Subway employees. The average increased compensation for a Subway employee is $311, according to the website.

How much do Burger King’s workers earn?

Given that Burger King is one of McDonald’s main competitors, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their salaries aren’t that dissimilar. The average hourly wage for a Burger King cashier is $9, according to Glassdoor. On the other hand, shift managers may earn up to $11 per hour, and operations managers can earn up to $67,580 per year – which isn’t a terrible salary by any standard.

When one of Burger King’s franchisees utilized business procedures based on anti-soliciting and anti-loitering to crack down on employees contemplating wage strikes in the franchise’s parking lot, the National Labor Relations Board determined that the firm had violated the National Labor Relations Act. According to the judge who rendered the decision, the NLRB has regularly battled company regulations that prohibit employees from discussing their pay with one another.


Knowing how much do fast-food workers make can be a useful piece of information in many ways. Even though most people believe fast food isn’t healthy or bad for you, around 80% of us consume it at least once a month, and half of us eat it regularly. Even still, there’s something about fast food that keeps us coming back for more, whether it’s a convenience or the salty-fatty-sweet goodness.

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