Dunkin Donuts Menu Prices Canada (2022)

One incredibly special thing about Dunkin Donut’s menu is that they offer around fifty types of delicious donuts, and around a dozen types of coffee beverages served with bagels, sandwiches, and baked products.

Dunkin Donuts is undoubtedly one of the leading food chains. And, over the years, they have been able to win a lot of customers across their 1,200 locations in 36 countries with their uniquely prepared Coffee.

While they offer a lot of varieties on both hot and cold beverages, their menu can seem a little complicated, especially when you try to wrap your head around the various combos offer that they have.

So in this post, we have put together a well-detailed and complete list of the current Dunkin Donuts Menu and their respective current prices.

Apart from knowing that the Coffee and the Donuts are customers’ favorite, there are other dishes currently available that are highly recommended.

Dunkin Donuts menu prices 2022

So if you are trying to place an order, or visit any nearby Dunkin Donuts restaurant, this post will show you all on their current menu and price, ranging from their combos to their hot\cold beverages, bakery favorites, and sandwiches.

Dunkin Donuts Combos Menu Price

*The combos include Medium Hot Coffee

Item Size Price
2 Donuts $3.69
Fudge Croissant Donut $2.49
Bagel with Cream Cheese $3.79
Sausage, Egg & Cheese on a Croisssant – with Hash Browns $5.89
Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Bagel – with Hash Browns $5.89
Veggie Egg White Flatbread $4.59
Ham, Egg & Cheese on an English Muffin – with Hash Browns $5.89
Big n’ Toasted – with Hash Browns $6.29
Wake-Up Wrap (Bacon, Ham, or Sausage) $3.09
Turkey Sausage Flatbread with Hash Browns $5.79

*Combos with Small Iced Tea

Item SIze Price
Snack N’ Go Chicken Wrap $3.29
Snack N’ Go Steak Wrap $3.29
Ham & Cheese Flatbread – with Hash Browns $5.59
Deluxe Grilled Cheese (Ham or Bacon) – with Hash Browns $5.79
Turkey, Cheddar & Bacon Flatbread – with Hash Browns $5.99
Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad Sandwich – with Hash Browns  $5.39
Chicken Bacon Sandwich – with Hash Browns $5.99

Dunkin Donuts Bakery Favorites Menu price

Item Size Price
Donut 1 Pc. $0.99
Donuts 1/2 Dozen $5.79
Donuts Dozen $9.99
Muffin 1 Pc.  $1.69
Muffins 4 Pc. $5.99
Bagel  1 Pc. $0.99
Bagels 1/2Dozen $5.79
Bagel with Cream Cheese  1 Pc. $2.09
Munchkins 25 Pc. $6.29
Munchkins 50 Pc. $9.99
Hash Brown $1.29
Croissant $1.49
Fancy $1.29
Coffee Roll $1.29

Dunkin Donuts Anytime Breakfast Menu Price

Item Price
Classic Egg & Cheese $2.59
Classic Egg & Cheese with (Ham, Bacon, or Sausage) $3.59
Egg White Omelet (Veggie) $2.99

Egg White Omelet with (Ham, Bacon, or Sausage)

Egg & Cheese Wrap $1.19
Egg & Cheese Wrap with (Ham, Bacon, or Sausage) $1.39
Angus Steak and Egg Wrap (Limited Time) $1.99
Angus Steak and Egg Sandwich (Limited Time) $3.99
Angus Steak and Egg Sandwich with Hash Browns & Medium Hot Coffee (Limited Time)  $6.19
Oatmeal with Medium Coffee $3.89
Turkey Sausage Wrap $1.39
Turkey Sausage Sandwich  $3.49
Turkey Sausage Flatbread with Hash Browns & Medium Hot Coffee $5.79
Chicken Apple Sausage Breakfast Sandwich (Limited Time) $3.69

Dunkin Donuts Beverages Menu price

Items Size Price
Coffee Small $1.59
Coffee Medium $1.89
Coffee Large $2.09
Coffee  X-Large $2.29
Iced Coffee Small $1.99
Iced Coffee Medium $2.49
Iced Coffee Large $2.79
Add a Turbo Shot of Espresso to Any Beverage $0.59
Add Almond Milk  $0.50
Dunkaccino Small $1.69
Dunkaccin Medium $2.09
Dunkaccino Large $2.29
Dunkaccino X-Large $2.49
Vanilla Chai $2.15
Cappuccino Small $2.69
Cappuccino Medium $3.19
Cappuccino Large $3.69
Macchiatto Small $2.89
Macchiatto Medium $3.39
Macchiatto Large $3.89
Iced Macchiatto Small $3.19
Iced Macchiatto Medium $3.79
Iced Macchiatto Large $4.19
Box O’ Joe $15.99
Hot Chocolate Small  $1.85
Hot Chocolate Medium $2.15
Hot Chocolate Large $2.35
Hot Chocolate X-Large $2.55
Hot Tea Small $1.59
Hot Tea Medium $1.89
Hot Tea Large $2.09
Hot Tea X-Large  $2.29
Latte Small $2.69
Latte Medium $3.19
Latte Large $3.69
Iced Latte Small $2.99
Iced Latte Medium $3.59
Iced Latte Large $3.99
Latte Lite Small $2.69
Latte Lite Medium $3.19
Latte Lite Large $3.69
Iced Latte Lite Small $2.99
Iced Latte Lite Medium $3.59
Iced Latte Lite Large $3.99
Iced Tea or Iced Green Tea (Sweetened or Unsweetened)  Small $1.49
Iced Tea or Iced Green Tea (Sweetened or Unsweetened) Medium $1.99
Iced Tea or Iced Green Tea (Sweetened or Unsweetened) Large $2.49
Coolatta or Coolatta Lite Small $2.99
Coolatta or Coolatta Lite Medium  $3.99
Coolatta or Coolatta Lite Large $4.99
Frozen Coffee Small $2.99
Frozen Coffee Medium $3.99
Frozen Coffee Large $4.99
Frozen Dunkaccino $2.99
Smoothie – Tropical Mango or Strawberry Banana (Limited Time) $3.19
Packaged Coffee (Limited Time) 3 lbs. $22.99
K-Cup® Packs (Limited Time) 2 Boxes $17.99

Dunkin Donuts Sandwiches Menu Price

Item Price
Turkey, Cheddar & Bacon Sandwich $3.69
Ham & Cheese Sandwich $3.69
Chicken Salad  $3.49
Tune Salad $3.49
Texas Toast Grilled Cheese $2.99
Chicken Biscuit $2.99

So, as you have seen, Dunkin Donuts offers more than the popular coffee that they are widely known for. They also serve baked goods and other food items such as donuts, bagels, cookies, danishes, munchkins, and muffins.

And, the menu prices for baked food are quite affordable compared to other expensive establishments. You can get their baked goods at prices ranging from $1 to $10, depending on the order.

Needless to say, they also boast of a very wide variety of donuts, which include Plain, Glazed Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla Frosted, Boston Kreme, etc.


In the United States and even worldwide, Most customers are glued to the service of Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant because of their coffee and baked goods.

This is not only coming from the view that they offer fifty-two different types of donuts and over a dozen coffee beverages.

But also because their menu items are priced reasonably. Dunkin Donuts serves fast and fresh products accompanied by a friendly smile from the ever-attentive staff.

How they have been able to maintain this value for over forty years in the competitive food-chain market is remarkably impressive.

In most locations, you get to choose between dining in and taking your food to go.

We can not solidly say about their hours of operation, as it varies as per the location. However, Dunkin Donuts restaurants generally operate from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. each day.

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