Cookout Menu With Prices 2022

Located mostly in the southern region of the United States, Cook Out is a fast-food restaurant that offers American fast food favorites such as grilled hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, barbecues, and milkshakes.

Many people choose Cookout as a result of the quality food that is served at most of its locations. If you are about to visit any Cook out location and need their complete menu list and price, you have just landed on the right page.

This post will take you through the latest Cook out menu prices which include their lunch and dinner menu items.

Cookout is an ideal place to get quality, fresh food as the meals served are made to order, and the staff ensures it is made just the way its customers like.

Cookout menu with prices 2022

Below is the complete Cookout menu list and price

Cook-Out Trays

*Includes 2 Sides or Double Up & Drink

Hamburger Regular $4.99
Barbecue Regular $4.99
Hot Dogs 2 Pc. $4.99
Big Double Burger $4.99
Quesadilla – Chicken or Beef $4.99
Chicken Regular $4.99
Cajun Chicken $4.99
Spicy Chicken $4.99
BBQ Char-Grilled Chicken $4.99
Chicken Strips 3 Pc. $4.99

Homemade Char-Grilled Hamburgers

Hamburger Small $1.39
Hamburger Regular $2.79
Hamburger Big Double $2.99
Hamburger Huge $3.39
Cook Out Style Small $2.24
Cook Out Style Regular $3.64
Cook Out Style Big Double $3.84
Cook Out Style Huge $4.24
Out West Style  Small $2.14
Out West Style Regular $3.54
Out West Style Big Double $3.74
Out West Style Huge $4.14
Steak Style Small $2.04
Steak Style Regular $3.44
Steak Style Big Double $3.64
Steak Style Huge $4.04
Cheddar Style Small $2.38
Cheddar Style Regular $3.78
Cheddar Style Big Double $3.98
Cheddar Style Huge $4.38

Char-Grilled Chicken Breast

Original Style $3.99
Barbecue Style $3.99
Cajun Style $3.99
Club Style $3.99
Cheddar Style $3.99

Crispy Spicy Chicken Breast Fillet

Regular Spicy Style $3.39
Cheese Style $3.79

Homemade Style Chicken Strips

Chicken Strips with Sauce 3 Pc. $3.39
Chicken Strip Sandwich  $3.39
Chicken Strips Club $3.99
Chicken Nuggets 5 Pc. $0.99


Quesadilla – Chicken or Beef  2 Pc. $2.99

Chopped Pork BBQ

BBQ Sandwich $2.99
BBQ Plate $3.99

Char-Grilled Hot Dogs

Hot Dog $0.99
Cook Out Style $1.85
Mexi Style $1.99
Bacon Cheddar $1.99

Single Items

Hot Dog with Cheddar Cheese $1.39
Hot Dog with Chilli $1.45
Corn Dog $0.99
Cheese Dog $0.99
Mustard Relish Hot Dog $0.99
BLT Sandwich $0.99


Bacon Ranch Wrap $0.99
Crispy Chicken Cajun Wrap  $1.79
Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap $1.79
Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard Wrap $1.79


Hushpuppies 12 Pc. $0.99
French Fries Regular $0.99
French Fries Large $1.69
Cook Out Fries with Cheese $1.39
Cook Out Fries with Chilli $1.45
Cook Out Fries with Cheese & Chilli $1.85
Onion Rings $1.99

Fancy Milkshakes

Milkshake $2.79

Floats & Cheesecakes

Coke Float $1.79
Cheerwine Float $1.79
Cheesecake (N. Y. Style) Slice $1.99


Fresh Brewed Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) Large $0.99
Fresh Brewed Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) Huge $1.79
Fountain Drinks Regular $1.39
Fountain Drinks Large $1.79
Fountain Drinks Huge $1.99

Cook Out FAQs

Does cook out use real ice cream?

Cook out shakes taste like they are made from actual ice cream, this makes them stand out from many other cheap fast food. Relatively, it will be a very difficult task to beat cookout when it comes to the fast-food roadside sector.

What is a Cook Out style burger?

The  Cook out Style burgers feature chili, slaw, mustard, and onion them. Their menu also contains Cheddar Style, Out West Style, and Steak Style.

What does double up mean at cook out?

At cook out, double up mean you can do one of the following, for example, you can literally get a Burger with a side of Burger. You get the cookout tray with no exceptions.

Are Cook out burgers fresh?

All Burgers (And Some Chicken) Are Prepared On A Real Grill. The fresh-not-frozen concept is widespread in the fast-food industry. But this chain is so dedicated to providing fresh meat that it has deliveries every morning to ensure that theirs are never more than a day or two old.

What is Cook out famous for?

Cook Out is a fast-food chain that serves burgers, barbecue, and milkshakes, and famous for its high-quality meals that are served at low prices.

How do I eat healthy at a Cook out?

The simple way to eat healthy at a cookout restaurant is to choose healthier options such as lean cuts of beef, pork, poultry, or fish. Turkey burgers are also recommended as they can be as lean as 99% fat-free.

Can you mix shakes at cook out?

You can create your dream shake at cook out restaurant by combining any number of milkshakes. Some we can refer to include Chocolate-Oreo and Peanut Butter-Banana Fudge. It is more of creativity and preference.

Wrap up

Cook Out restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and even later hours to do justice to whatever late-night cravings you might have. It is a casual restaurant that does not require reservations. Relatively, you have the option of dining in or ordering take-out.

Customers say that the staff at Cook Out is friendly, and the food delicious and tasty. It is also remarkable that the pricing is fair and reasonable.

Among the items served at this restaurant, the burgers and the milkshakes are definite favorites and are highly recommended. You also want to try their spicy chicken sandwich and the hot dogs are also recommended.

In summary, the cook out menu list features cook-out trays, char-grilled hamburgers, char-grilled chicken breast, chicken strips, chopped pork BBQ, char-grilled hot dog, wraps, sides, milkshakes, desserts, and drinks.

Now that you have the complete CookOut menu list and price, you can visit your nearest cookout restaurant, or make an online order using their website.

Bottom line, Cook Out may not be the healthiest option, but it is indeed an ideal place to visit if you want to eat tasty, fresh fast food.